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Will Kylo Ren Die Or Be Redeemed?

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.", I think he's referring to Leia as another supply that could create the battle in Vader.
He is extra like a wraith, till he steals the Power energy from Rey and Ben Solo within the closing battle. It at all times appeared that a true steadiness of the Pressure would have meant realizing that neither the Jedi nor the Sith can exist with out the other. Rey, nonetheless, is revitalized by the Jedi who lived earlier than her for the final confrontation with Palpatine.
Regardless, he saves her life, they kiss, after which Ben dies, his remaining act of redemption being sacrificing himself for her. But nothing got here of this scene in "The Rise of Skywalker." So far as we all know, by the tip of the film Rey is "the last Jedi." All the Jedi who apparently dwell inside her even appear to confirm this on the movie's finish.
Luke, Leia, and Han made the Senate's return attainable within the first place. He does not essentially want to die, however like with Luke earlier than her, his dying will ensure a Jedi's dark flip; whereas Luke would help rule, Rey's ascension would imply the rise of an Empress Palpatine.
Rey and Ben Solo formed a dyad, so that they were the center of the connection somewhat than the objects they contact. Ben changing into Kylo Ren additionally precipitated Han and Leia to interrupt up, with neither of them to cease loving their son. Concept artwork in "The Artwork of 'Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens,'" reveals it was considered to indicate the emperor's chamber crash-landed after the second Loss of life Star explosion right into a sea.

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